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  1. To change WinEdt.org dictionary to UTF-8:

    open the file in vim, then issue ([Key] is notation for pressing corresponding keyboard):

    [ESC] :set fileencoding=UTF-8 [ENTER]
    [ESC] :w ++enc=UTF-8 [ENTER]
    [ESC] :q [ENTER]

    It changed my portuguese (sp) file instantly =)

  2. If after adding a folder and or a dic file, IntelliJ Idea still not recognize your words, relaunch it by: „File > Invalidate caches…“

  3. I am a bit suprised that it makes such a big difference. There are some shapes in the 4MB dictionary I use. Doubling variants for words without punctuation would make 8MB file. That would mean I have 10 times less words / variants that you have. Where did you get your dictionary?

  4. Czech, I used aspell source to extact more shapes of words (some words in 7 shapes) and each with and without punctuation, because some of my legacy code base has comments in Czech without punctuation.

  5. I tried to convert huge aspell dictionary with simple bash script and use it in PHPStorm. File was > 50MB and PHPStorm loads it a very very long so I put ti down.

  6. it would be nice if intelliJ automaticly download and convert the dictionaries.
    i remember with open office is also a dictionary available.

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