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  1. And I forgot to mention, that we use CVS as our SCM – so I have no experience with Perforce at all. I remember that when I tried to get release plugin working with SVN in my previous job, I run at different bunch of problems, but finally made it running.

    So sorry, again – no hint from me 🙁

  2. Have you tried using the release plugin with Perforce? I was able to get it to work when I was set into a clientspec. The problem I’m having is I’m using TeamCity and wanted to use it to do releases. I thought the release plugin creates temporary client specs for the release:prepare then throws them away. If you got this working can you tell me your setup and what you run on the command line? Thanks.

  3. Are any of you using perforce as your SCM? I am having issues where it doesn’t know what the clientspec is?

    Getting this message: [ERROR] CommandLineException Exit code: 1 – Client ‚my-mac‘ unknown – use ‚client‘ command to create it.


  4. Thank you for this excellent instruction. It really helped me to set up the build configuration within a short time.

  5. I completely agree. I setuped relase proces two times in different companies with diferrent infrastructure settings and it took me always at least a whole day (involving tracing inside Maven sources to find out what’s wrong). But it’s hard to live without release process, so it had to be done.

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